Upteamizer BASIC

Upteamizer Basic is a great talent management solution for smaller businesses!

From: 3.750,00 excl. BTW / year with 1 month free trial


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Upteamizer Basic offers you all the great features to start with talent management. It has been designed for small & midsized businesses. You will get the following functionalities/modules:

We invite you to check our product video’s to learn all details about this feature packed tool!





If you need more functionalities, you may be interested in Upteamizer PLUS or Upteamizer PREMIUM

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About us

Upteamizer was founded in 2021 by HRinFlow, and is the ultimate result of a strong partnership with The Talentbox.

By joining forces, HRinFlow and The Talentbox have created a streamlined HR-solution that brings together their years of experience in Human Resources and the development & implementation of talent management tools.

HRinFlow’s expertise in small and midsized companies along with The Talentbox’s specialised knowledge of major organisations make Upteamizer a powerful solution ideal for businesses of all sizes and needs.

Our approach

We strive to provide clients with a unique approach that is completely different from our competitors. Our hallmark traits are efficiency, pragmatism, and simplicity—all while being mindful of the client’s needs and timeline. We offer unmatched levels of service, flexibility and speed every step of the way, also after the go-live.

Forget long-winded meetings and endless analysis – with immediate results you get to see clear, tangible improvements in no time at the best possible price!


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