Activate Single Sign On (SSO)

This option allows to replace the login/pasword by an access using “Single-sign-on”. The access rights are checked on the ADFS of the customer, using their Windows authorizations, login & password. No new credentials are necessary.

500,00 excl. BTW


⚠️ This product can only be purchased after having activated “upteamizer PLUS” ⚠️

You have the possibility to use your ADFS to allow users to connect to Upteamizer. This way, they can use the same credentials as for their Windows environment, and can login without extra authentication once they are logged on at the company’s network.

Please provide us with as much info as possible to configure this. You can find our meta data, by adding “/sso/saml/metadata.xml” behind your Upteamizer URL.
We need this info:

We will contact you to set this up and test it.


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