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One of the major challenges facing schools today, and perhaps the most important one, is meeting the acute shortage of quality teachers. For a variety of reasons, young people no longer choose the fine profession of teaching.

Even those who do enter the field often struggle to stay motivated and 1 out of 4 of them ends up leaving within the first five years,  creating a new teacher shortage, and increasing the pressure on the stayers.


Obviously, this is a vicious cycle, but one that can be broken if schools are given the opportunity to move toward a more modern personnel management, that focuses on welcoming, training, supporting, and coaching new teachers.


Upteamizer for Education offers you the ultimate digital solution to manage, automate and accompany these various processes, and thus support you in your care for your teachers and students.

Our offering in a nutshell

Amongst other useful functionalities, Upteamizer for Education offers you the following main processes:

Initial Guidance:

This process streamlines the coaching and evaluation of the new teachers during the first year. It includes several class visit assessments and a final or conditional evaluation of the temporary contract

Professional Dialogue:

This yearly assessment allows you to have a conversation about the teacher’s performance, point out his/het strengths and agree on critical development points or goals.

Continuous Feedback:

This great feature allows you at any time to give your teachers a shoulder-tap, or address certain issues you have detected. This gives your team the chance to adapt quickly to certain remarks. It also allows to take note of quick class visits, or upload different types of reports, feedback from students, …

Management of Professionalisation:

Continuous development is a key attitude for a teacher. Upteamizer for Eduction facilitates this learning in a blended form: it allows teachers to make request for external courses, you create a training catalogue, and manage the bookings on the sessions, evaluate completed courses, but it is also possible to register other types of learnings, like read books, or other learning moments, like exchanges, internships, …

Talent Profiles & Specialisations:

Education is more and more focussed on discovering and developing the student’s talents.
In a same way it should be possible for teachers to use their talents to a maximum. This will not only be beneficial for the school, colleagues and student, but this creates a much higher level of motivation and engagement for the teacher himself. This module allows to register talents or specialisations, and search for them when you need them.

Upteamizer for Education

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    * Adaptable standard setup
    Receipt of specific documents
    Onboarding todo's
    Detailed follow-up class visits
    Assessment TADD
    Discussion of teacher performance
    Role of supervisor
    Critical development points & agreements
    Shared feedback
    Confidential note
    Reports of flash class visits
    Feedback from students
    Application for refresher courses
    Management & registration of training courses
    Evaluation of completed courses
    Record of completed studies/training courses
    Record of books or publications read (with summary if required)
    Recording of learning moments (e.g. company internship, exchanges, thesis, ...)
    Registering existing talents (eg. Luk Dewulf)
    Search for employees with particular talents
    Self-service functionalities
    Approval workflows
    Automated reminders
    Who is who
    Job Descriptions
    Document management
    Reports & Dashboards
  • ------
  • Unlimited users
    Unlimited administrators
    Online & on-site support
    Own logo & branding
All these processes are already provided by default, but Upteamizer for Education also offers the possibility to customize them or to configure completely new ones. The processes can also be adjusted at any time should the need arise.

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How can we collaborate?

The first step is to get in touch with us!
Hit the “Book a demo” button, or call us right now! We will then schedule a demo (on site or via Teams).
  1. During a detailed demo we will explain all functionalities in detail
  2. Immediately after the demo, you will get access to a personalized test environment to try everything out at your own pace.
  3. If you have any feedback, we make the necessary adjustments.
  4. Once you are completely satisfied, we will provide a contract, which you only have to sign at that time (= no-cure no-pay!)
START UP PHASE: (1 to 3 weeks lead time)
  1. You provide us with a list of your staff members and some additional data (email addresses, logo, etc.)
  2. We take care of the upload of all data into production and the finalisation of your configuration
  3. We provide training for the key users, after which you can get started!

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About us

Upteamizer was founded in 2021 by HRinFlow, and is the ultimate result of a strong partnership with The Talentbox.

By joining forces, HRinFlow and The Talentbox have created a streamlined HR-solution that brings together their years of experience in Human Resources and the development & implementation of talent management tools.

HRinFlow’s expertise in small and midsized companies along with The Talentbox’s specialised knowledge of major organisations make Upteamizer a powerful solution ideal for businesses of all sizes and needs.

Our approach

We strive to provide clients with a unique approach that is completely different from our competitors. Our hallmark traits are efficiency, pragmatism, and simplicity—all while being mindful of the client’s needs and timeline. We offer unmatched levels of service, flexibility and speed every step of the way, also after the go-live.

Forget long-winded meetings and endless analysis – with immediate results you get to see clear, tangible improvements in no time at the best possible price!


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